PROTOCOL ™ by Palm Beach Financial Exchange

EFT Services Meets Client Management

Palm Beach Financial Exchange has been an EFT industry leader since 1994. We have provided software and cash management solutions to businesses in the United States and Puerto Rico. Businesses of all sizes, large and small,
can benefit from our experience, track record and proprietary software.

Let us provide solutions for your company.

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PROTOCOL™ is a complete cash and client management system. All of your access control, point of sale and recurring transactions can be handled easily in this one software solution.

What is EFT?

EFT is probably the fastest, most reliable, and cost effective way to collect money! Any company that collects recurring payments can benefit from PROTOCOL ™.

About Our Company

Palm Beach Financial Exchange specializes in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), services in all fifty states and American territories since 1994.

PBFE has not raised transaction rates for EFT in the history of our company!