Getting Started

Take the first few steps to simplifying payment process.

Get Started Today!

Step 1: Choose Your Billing Days

Choose up to 4 days of the month to debit for recurring payments. Dates should not be beyond the 28th.
Daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options are also available in PROTOCOL ™

Step 2: Submit EFT Forms To PBFE

Complete both the Transfer Agreement Form and the Transfer Information Form and submit them to Palm Beach Financial Exchange, Inc.

Step 3: Get in Touch with Us!

Contact PBFE to obtain the software programs to debit checking and savings accounts and credit cards. You can reach us by phone at 561.433.4EFT or by email at Contact Us.

Step 4: Obtain Client Authorization

Have each person to be debited sign an authorization for automatic withdrawal. We can provide you with sample agreements if you need them.

Step 5: File Client Account Info

Retain a voided check of the client account to be debited or a copy of the credit card and keep it for future reference.