Transaction Rates

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Transaction Rates Have NEVER Been Raised!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the debiting of a bank account or credit card to satisfy payments. EFT is also known as an ACH, Auto Pay, Electronic Check, Credit Card Auto Debit, and various other terms. For less than half the cost of a postage stamp, you can have collected funds in your bank account within two business days!

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Transaction Rates

Checking and Savings Debit  – $0.20 each
Checking and Savings Corrections – $1.00 each
Checking and Savings Resubmits – $1.50 each
Checking Charge Backs and Credit Card Declines – $4.00 each Checking High Risk Chargebacks – $25.00 each
Checking File Processing and Depositing of Funds – $25.00 per file
Credit Card Rates – Rates are quoted based upon volume and average ticket

A minimum of two business days before the billing date, an electronic file is sent by you to Palm Beach Financial Exchange, Inc. (PBFE) using our PROTOCOL™ software. This file contains all the necessary information needed to process EFT. Payments are collected on the billing date (or on the next business day after in the case of a non-business day), and credited, less our fees, to your bank account within two business days. Some of the advantages of EFT are:

  • Accelerate Cash Flow – No more waiting for the “check is in the mail.”
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Funds are deposited in one transaction saving time and money.
  • Eliminate mountains of paperwork – No more envelopes to open or billing notices to send in the mail.
  • Simplify Accounts Receivable – All billing transactions are push button easy.
  • Checks are never late or lost in the mail. – Bill on time, Collect on time.
  • Payments verified through bank and credit card statements. – Daily and monthly reports for all activity.
  • Payments are made during illness or absence. – Timely payments are deposited to you bank account.

Compare our rates and services.

  • No Contracts or Obligations – Utilize our services for as long as is beneficial to you. No Contracts since 1994!
  • No Hidden Charges – Plainly stated fees.
  • No Minimums – Bill one transaction or as many as possible for your business.
  • Easy to Read Statements – First page is a summary and subsequent page show daily activity.
  • Debit on Any Day You Choose – The 1st through the 28th for recurring billings and all month long for daily debits.

PBFE sets the PROTOCOL™ in Payment Processing!