Industries We Can Serve

Payment Processing For Well Known Names.

Some Of The Many Industries We Can Serve:

  • Boat and Vehicle Storage – Collect regular storage fees.
  • Churches – Make tithing and special collections automatic.
  • Club Dues – Schedule members payment renewals.
  • Condo Associations – Monthly, quarterly, semi – annual and annual options are available.
  • Dance  and Aerobic Studios – Student and Member payments are made simple.
  • Day Care Facilities – Child and Adult payments can be collected weekly or monthly.
  • Governments / Municipalities – Collect recurring taxes.
  • Gyms and Health Clubs – This is the industry we have heavily served since 1994.
  • Internet Services – Regular recurring fees can easily be scheduled.
  • Martial Arts Studios – Just like gyms and health clubs,  we have been an EFT service provider  for decades.
  • Mini Storage – Collect payments easily when your customers are not in the area or moving.
  • Moving & Shipping Companies – Process payments with ease.
  • Orthodontists – Smile with the ease of collecting patient installments.
  • Parking Lots and Garages – Make short work of long term payments.
  • Political Organizations – Schedule political contributions for political campaigns.
  • Property Associations – Monthly payments provide increased and timely cash flow.
  • Property Management – We can help landscapers, pool service companies, tree trimmers and many others.
  • School Booster Clubs – Funds can be received throughout the year and not just during fund raising drives.
  • Security Monitoring – Central station billing will be made easy.
  • Taxing Authorities – Routine payments can be made instead of waiting for annual tax bills.
  • Tuition – Weekly options are available.
  • Utility Companies – Get paid on time.

If your business collects recurring funds, We Can Help!

PROTOCOL ™ simplifies recurring payments!

Gyms & Health Clubs

Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Powerhouse Gym, Equinox Fitness, YMCA, Lifestyle Fitness, The Fitness Company, Nautilus, Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, Corey Everson’s, Zoo Health Clubs, FitnessAmerica, American Body Works, Lady of America, Stamford Athletic

PROTOCOL™ shapes your receivables!

Financial & Technology

ClubRunner Management Software, Mortgages Unlimited, First National Financial, Andco Financial

PROTOCOL™ makes sense & saves money!

Health Care Providers

Martin Health Systems, Mainline Health, Maximum Health, Medical Fitness, Next Health, Benefit Health, Gateway Health, Hillcrest Medical Center, Newnan Hospital, Harbor Health, Physical Therapy Institute, Farmer Chiropractic, Beyond Nutrition

PROTOCOL™ keeps your bottom line healthy!

Advertising & Promotion

The Firm, Trittler Promotions, Harvest Marketing, We Care Hair Salons, Automatated Transaction Association

Transaction rates have not been since 1994!

Property & Recreation

The Fred Smith Company,
Centrailia Recreation Complex, Twining Valley Golf, Dorothy Hamill Skating Center, Levi’s, Eagle Ridge Golf Club, The Players Club, Space Coast IcePlex, Nothland Raquet Club, Tulsa Racquet Club, Amritraj Health

PROTOCOL™ manages your cash flow!

Many, Many, More

100’s and 100’s More, Small Businesses, Small Chains, Large Chains, Large Organizations, Political Campaigns

The professional service & rates you deserve.