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PROTOCOL ™ simplifies collecting recurring payments!

Any company that collects recurring payments can benefit from PROTOCOL ™.

Some industries include:

  • Boat and Vehicle Storage – Collect regular storage fees.
  • Churches – Make tithing and special collections automatic.
  • Club Dues – Schedule members payment renewals.
  • Condo Associations – Monthly, quarterly, semi – annual and annual options are available.
  • Dance  and Aerobic Studios – Student and Member payments are made simple.
  • Daycare Facilities – Child and Adult payments can be collected weekly or monthly.
  • Governments / Municipalities – Collect recurring taxes.
  • Gyms and Health Clubs – This is the industry we have heavily served since 1994.
  • Internet Services – Regular recurring fees can easily be scheduled.
  • Martial Arts Studios – Just like gyms and health clubs,  we have been an EFT service provider  for decades.
  • Mini Storage – Collect payments easily when your customers are not in the area or moving.
  • Moving & Shipping Companies – Process payments with ease.
  • Orthodontists – Smile with the ease of collecting patient installments.
  • Parking Lots and Garages – Make short work of long term payments.
  • Political Organizations – Schedule political contributions for political campaigns.
  • Property Associations – Monthly payments provide increased and timely cash flow.
  • Property Management – We can help landscapers, pool service companies, tree trimmers and many others.
  • School Booster Clubs – Funds can be received throughout the year and not just during fund raising drives.
  • Security Monitoring – Central station billing will be made easy.
  • Taxing Authorities – Routine payments can be made instead of waiting for annual tax bills.
  • Tuition – Weekly options are available.
  • Utility Companies – Get paid on time.If your business has recurring funds to collect,  We Can Help!

PBFE has provided EFT Services for some of the most well known names across many industries:

Gyms and Health Clubs

  • Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Powerhouse Gym, Equinox Fitness
  • YMCA, Lifestyle Fitness, The Fitness Company, Nautilus
  • Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, Corey Everson’s, Zoo Fitness
  • American Body Works,  Lady of America,  Stamford Athletic

Health Care Providers

  • Martin Health Systems, Mainline Health, Maximum Health
  •  Medical Fitness, Next Health, Benefit Health, Gateway Health
  • Hillcrest Medical Center, Newnan Hospital, Harbor Health
  • Physical Therapy Institute, Farmer Chiropractic, Beyond Nutrition

Property Management & Recreation Centers

  • The Fred Smith Company, Centrailia Recreation Complex
  • Twining Valley Golf, Dorothy Hamill, Levi’s, Eagle Ridge Golf Club
  • The Dance Center, Players Club, Space Coast Ice Plex

Financial & Technology

  • Mortgages Unlimited,  First National Financial, Andco Financial
  • ClubRunner Software,  Gamma Processing, Alpha Processing

Advertising & Promotion

  • The Firm, Trittler Promotions, Harvest Marketing,  We Care Hair
  • Hundreds and Hundreds more…

    PBFE has not raised transaction rates since 1994!